The Partnership Club - "The Tribe That Inspires Greatness"

To Inspire Consultants All Around The Globe To Be More Remarkable, Profitable & Impactful In Their Business...

Consultants all over the globe run to us to become great at “Human Marketing

There is no one better, anywhere on this planet, in showing consultants how to get more referrals, use their networks more effectively, leverage through partnerships, retain clients for longer and turn them into walking, talking, ranting, raving billboards by understanding how humans work.

When you combine marketing principles, with neuroscience, human biology, brain chemicals and the primal laws of attraction,  it provides a powerful combination to sky rocket your business growth.

I truly believe that it’s consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs that change the world for the better, to make an impact, to transform other people’s lives and create a ripple effect throughout society.

I believe that business is there to make another person's life better and your product or service is just the vehicle.

I believe that every consultant should be more remarkable, profitable and impactful than they were yesterday. In fact it’s our duty to be so!

I believe that we are in business to become as wealthy as we can, because then we can contribute, give and help those less fortunate in so many more ways.

I believe that all consultants should be a conduit of wisdom, not a thought leader or so called authority, but a SAGE.

I believe that we should be an inspiration and inspire our clients to be the hero in their journey, so they too can contribute to changing the world for the better.

Most consultants I speak to believe that it’s their marketing that isn’t working, that they aren’t getting new clients because they haven’t mastered FB ads or SEO or Google Pay Per Click or Networking Events or Referrals or ...

The list goes on

They believe that a marketing consultant is the answer, to only find out that’s it’s another wasted $15,000, $20,000, $50,000 to have a quick hit, but still end up in the same position a year later.

Most consultants I speak to, know that growing their business shouldn’t be as hard, as what it seems. That there must be this secret formula!

And… there is…

But it has nothing to do with your marketing, your service offering or your systems.

The so called secret, that all successful businesses use to grow their business, is human marketing and the relationships they create, keep and evolve.

They stand out, they strive to be more Remarkable than everyone else, they make prospects, clients, team members, everyone around them feel a particular way and in return their business grows off the charts.

We call it being Remarkable to be Profitable to be Impactful through Human Marketing

Partnership Club was created with one clear vision in mind…

To inspire consultants around the globe to be more remarkable, profitable and impactful in their business. To be a SAGE and inspire their clients to transformations they didn’t think were possible.

I believe we all need a tribe of high level, like-minded people, who want to smash it out of the park every day, that want to be challenged, be pushed and be inspired.

Together we make so much more impact, than when we work alone.

I’m honoured to work with amazing consultants around the globe, that want to make a real difference, to grow and be more profitable, but most importantly want to be that inspiration and conduit of wisdom for everyone else.

Over the next 12 months we will…

  • Provide 100,000 impacts in the year to help underprivileged children & rescued animals and make the world a better place
  • Help 3 consultants to a 5 million dollar plus a year business
  • Help 10 consultants to a million dollar plus a year business
  • Help 20 Consultants to a 1/2 a million dollar a year business
  • Help 50 consultants to a 1/4 million dollar a year business

This is why we attract amazing consultants into our tribe, because we are so passionate about why we exist in business. The only question is, which one will you be!

I'd Like To Apply For Partnership Club


In fact, over the last few years, we've brought together consultants from all over the globe... people just like you, and created a tribe of those that want to be more remarkable, profitable and impactful unlike anything else in the business-world.

We provide a clear pathway, with the right strategies, the right tactics, the right stepping stones, the right language and the right how to's to guarantee your success.

We all work together to help solve each other's struggles in business and in EVERY ASPECT of life. We've built a strong bond with one-another, and created a family of extraordinary people who have each other's back.

Partnership Club started as a group of consultants and has become a unified and unstoppable force for good ... and we're just getting started!


Partnership Club is hard to describe because it's so unique. So watch this short video as we walk through a bit more for you.


We can confidently promise that when you join Partnership Club... you will be more remarkable, profitable and impactful in your business and life.

Here's just a few things you'll get when you are part of the tribe...

  • Experience massive, systematic growth in your business
  • Get taught the latest organic strategies (referrals, networks, partnerships) to get more clients
  • Learn the secrets to Human Marketing & dominate your relationships
  • Get the secrets behind building a million dollar brand that stands the tests of time & creates a legacy
  • Learn how to establish core values that serve as the foundation that you can scale your company on
  • Learn how to develop a winning culture that attracts fiercely loyal customers
  • Hone your leadership skills to train and replicate highly-skilled employees within the ranks of your company
  • Master sales in-person and online
  • Form strategic business partnerships & contacts with fellow members
  • Develop the mindset & mental toughness to push through any struggles and complications in your business & life
  • Get taught by secret guest instructors at every event. Not the ones you see traveling the speaking circuit ... True leaders and innovators that will help you get your business to the next level
  • Learn to implement the principles of success in business & life
  • Build your interpersonal skills & your ability to form positive relationships
  • Learn from Michael's network of exceptional peers and mentors. People who not only make millions of dollars ... but who also impact millions of lives through their businesses & lives every year
  • Become a dominant force in every single aspect of your business & life
  • Learn how to pursue your own potential for your ultimate happiness
  • Become a history-making influencer & make a difference in the world
  • Make a habit of crushing your professional & personal goals
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people and build life-changing relationships
  • Take complete control of your own dreams ... so you don't become a part of someone else's


Yeah, we know ... everyone says that, and it's usually total BS.

But here's the thing ... While Partnership Club will expand in size, it will still remain a small & intimate group. We only allow the right fit and our current members must approve you to be able to join us.

We've already had hundreds of consultants reach out to us, chomping at the bit to join. What's that mean for you? 

It means there's going to be a lot of people who apply, but only a fraction get in. 

So if you sit on it and wait, you'll miss your opportunity all together ... and you'll have to wait until a new intake of members is available to apply.

With that being said ... Take a look below at who our Ideal Client is and if this is you then you may start the application process.

Our people...

  • Want help to grow your business and reach new levels
  • Want to be wealthy so they can create a bigger impact
  • Want to surround themselves with high level thinkers who will challenge them, inspire them and push them daily
  • Want to be more remarkable and be seen as a SAGE. They want to take their clients on a journey of being the hero.

If this resonates with you, then this could be the home for you

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